An infill development of two sustainable family homes.  Our targeted Dover Gardens site is well located for transport, employment and services.  Our design innovations are relatively simple:

  • thoughtful interfaces of the two private dwellings;
  • passive solar design to improve energy efficiency, comfort and long-term affordability;
  • addressing privacy and noise via careful planning;
  • providing opportunities for shared resources; and
  • designing efficient internal floorplans.  Energy efficiency is integrated internally and externally and a seven star efficiency rating can be achieved.
energy efficient infill design for home suitable for a range of family types

energy efficient infill design for home suitable for a range of family types

We researched higher levels of energy efficiency and the feasibility of achieving a ten star energy rating.  But this comes at a cost that puts the homes out of step with the surrounding market.  Because one of the homes was intended to be sold, we were keen to factor an affordable sale price into the equation.  (It’s an unfortunate trade-off often needs to be made).  In this instance we were unable to get the balance right – we could not achieve a home at the standard we wanted, without construction costs being too high.  On a larger site, with more homes being constructed; on a site where land value was less; or in a circumstance where shared resources could have been tried, we may have been able to strike the balance between price, energy efficiency and community.  As it stands, we concluded that two-for-one inner suburban infill requires strategic input from government in order to re-design neighbourhoods to allow developers to achieve significant innovation, energy efficiency and affordability.  Development of a single lot is limited in what it can achieve in isolation to the neighbourhood.

Close to Marion regional centre shops, transport, jobs, recreation. Brighton beach. Space for families.

Project specifications. Dover Gardens. Spring 2016