Millers Corner intergenerational village at Mt Barker launched in October 2015.  Since then, interest is building in this thirteen home development which is both ecologically and socially sustainable.  The Village will construct a community house.

Open days are held every First Sunday of the month from 2-4pm. Follow the facebook page at: to keep up to date with events and milestones.

  • A people centered development with a balance between public and private, security and safety, and integration into the local neighbourhood and the Mount Barker community as a whole.
  • Dwellings with easy indoor – outdoor accessibility and transition between private and community spaces with “soft  edges” of verandahs, decks, and screens.
  • Double storey dwellings are planned. All dwellings are oriented and designed for energy efficiency and natural climate control using passive solar design.
  • Natural materials are envisaged including  natural stone, rammed earth, hempcrete, render, timber boarding or plywood, corrugated steel wall and roofing , overhanging eaves , verandahs, and pergolas. The emphasis will be on materials with low toxicity and low embodied energy sourced from sustainable supplies. The use of recycled materials will also be a priority.
  • The houses will have articulated plans with varied wall planes, stepped roof planes with high level windows as appropriate.
  • The development will include a range of household types to meet the different needs of children, teens, parents, singles, the disabled and the elderly.

Land is available from $175,000, plus an additional $23,000 contribution towards the common house, landscaping and infrastructure.  It’s interesting that the common facilities are being funded through the contribution of the initial owners.  Each of these community focused developments comes up with innovative funding solutions which blur the boundary between the personal and the  community. I think it’s a healthy way to challenge the traditional notion of home ownership while securing early commitment to being involved in development of community facilities.