May 2016 – Aldinga South Australia

Flexible designs that each buyer has tailored to their families needs. Rooms are bigger (or smaller), laundry’s reconfigured or absorbed into hallways or bathrooms, kitchen are repositioned (and reorganised, windows are shifted. Rooms are living areas, home offices, art studios, visitor retreats, meditation spaces.

Some people have opted for minimalist interiors so they can do their own thing in their own time; others have all the bells and whistles. Residents can change the house as they grow and change.

The variety continues outside. Each home is unique via different cladding, different entrances, different facades, and different colours.

A sense of place. We’ve maintained cohesion and encouraged a sense of place via a preferred colour scheme that reflects local indigenous flora: purples, yellows, white and greens; sky blue and the browns and greys of bark. The landscape, once completed is designed to reinforce this sense of place with strategically positioned shade trees, seating and paths.


Accessibility. Extra wide doorways, minimal (no) steps and open plan with attention to circulation space means the homes are accessible. Power points are located with accessibility in mind.

Clever design

North facing terrace gardens extend living spaces and bring the outside in. An internal courtyard lets light deep into the home and facilitates cross ventilation.

We’ve layered the insulation, added low e-glass to all doors and windows and provided solar hot water plus a 2KW solar system for each home. Ongoing living costs are projected to be very low – further complimented by fully plumbed rainwater from the 22,000L tanks.



Often lacking in new homes we’ve also included lockable external storage areas and a fully paved, extra wide, covered carport.

Sustainable community

Community connections are just now beginning to emerge. We got off to a great start with neighbours when the Aldinga Arts Ecovillage provided unanimous support to the project.  Individual buyers are now getting to know their neighbours, getting involved in all that the ecovillage has to offer and beginning to venture into some of the optional add-ons such as co-designing community gardens and sharing skills and knowledge in a multitude of ways.


All properties are sold and construction is well underway. A waiting list continues to be maintained in the event of unforseen circumstances.