There are more LNB development projects in the pipeline – our next development will be a sustainable infill project of two family homes at Dover Gardens.  We have one other development in the pipeline and we’re putting out feelers for more.  Please help us to spread the word by sharing our news.  We’re encouraging more people to register for the newsletter and tell us where they want to live and any particular type of housing they may want.  We’ll then develop concepts on the basis of the requirements of people on our database. Some of the possibilities include developments similar to Green Swing ; Henry Project; or Nightingale Housing.

And a new website up and running

To support our approach to matching demand and supply. The LNB website has recently been refreshed with the assistance of Tangering Meg – one of the intending residents and purchasers at Orchard Walk Aldinga. Meg is now working with us to develop a social media strategy that will help to reach more people and generate and promote more LNB developments.