It’s been some time since our last newsletter was distributed.  We’ve been completing the Orchard Walk project, the final touches being street trees and community gardens.

To provide shade, produce, privacy, shelter for our local lizards and birds, and beauty –

  • 30+ fruit and nut trees
  • 80 local provenance native plants
  • landscape designed and shaped around the needs of new and existing residents.
  • A limestone edged sandpit – a magnet for children from all over the place! (And their parents too).  Then someone donated a trampoline so it’s already a hub of activity.
  • North of the site, roughly in the middle, we edged a wide flat area with trees and shrubs to create a good spot for gathering – though we stopped short of defining the space with too much infrastructure so that its form could evolve in response to any natural movement or clustering patterns.

Here’s some of the things that residents have said.  The comments reinforce our belief that including people as early as possible and throughout the development process, is a good thing:

a beautiful space inside and out. You must be very proud of your achievements. Congratulations and thanks for the big vision plus the attention to detail“. Claire

I am very grateful to have been part of this development. From the foundations to the completion of this community, it has been an enjoyable and an inclusive process”. Jesse

it feels like a real privilege to have moved in here and see it all coming together. Working with you to create our home and common space/landscaping has been a fine, fine journey“. Andi

Gradual and natural community building meant we met our neighbours along the way“. Margie

You make the environment lifestyle accessible by making it easy for people to have eco-homes in eco-communities“. Matt

And we enjoyed it too!

Tricia and Rick