Living in the city has advantages including a huge range of retail, health and business services, employment, public transport, vibrant social life…but it’s notoriously difficult to reduce your carbon footprint while living in an inner city apartment.  There’s limited green space and usually no shared community spaces for socialising within the complex, levies often include high electricity costs for lifts and common space lighting,  airconditioning is required for a longer season AND it’s not easy to recycle waste!  So it was just a matter of time before a sustainable apartment complex was designed for the greenies who want city living in Adelaide.  Dsquared consulting has designed an eco-apartment complex which is one of ten projects in the running to win Adelaide City Council’s zero carbon challenge 2016.

The proposed apartments will feature local, low-emission construction materials and include features which minimise summer sun and maximise winter sun, thereby reducing day to day heating and cooling needs and costs.  A foliage-shrouded facade is proposed to help achieve zero carbon.  (You’d want some sophisticated recycled irrigation systems and an ongoing contract with a horticulture consultant to keep this going over Adelaide’s summer!).

The vertical village won the ‘people’s choice’ in the challenge.  It is designed with several communal spaces, including a rooftop garden, to encourage community interaction. We need more apartment buildings in the city like this one!