We recently conducted a review of the LNB model and concluded that there is scope to change the culture of building houses by involving future residents earlier in the development process. Read the report, which concluded:

  1. We’re creating a great place by involving our stakeholders.
  2. We successfully tapped into aspirations relating to sustainable environment, healthy organic food and community.
  3. Involving customers stimulates greater innovation and diversity.

Where to from here for LNB? The LNB model demonstrates that responding to a common interest and involving prospective residents from an early stage in a development mitigates against risk and stimulates community, both of which facilitate greater innovation in built form and urban design. Investing in active relationship management, building trust and aligning the interests of customers with the emerging design of both site and house requires considerable commitment.  The next phase for LNB may be upscaling this concept via software or social media to create an independent housing market brokerage service to actively source collective buyers and match them to possible housing opportunities.

Orchard Walk is the new name that prospective residents have chosen for our development at 1 Dianella Way Aldinga. The name reflects its locality adjacent to the largest orchard within the Aldinga Arts ecovillage. Future residents propose an extension of orchards through the shared community gardens with fruit or nut trees being planted along the street to create shade and an edible landscape.  Conversations are underway to set aside space for paths, seating and a local playscape. All but two homes have been reserved.