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Tricia O'Donovan

and they lived happily ever after…

It’s been some time since our last newsletter was distributed.  We’ve been completing the Orchard Walk project, the final touches being street trees and community gardens. To provide shade, produce, privacy, shelter for our local lizards and birds, and beauty… Continue Reading →

Small scale infill v long term sustainability

How can a two for one suburban infill site  be developed to make a positive contribution to the quality of the neighbourhood, achieve higher environmental standards and support innovation? Our targeted Dover Gardens site is well located for transport, employment and services. … Continue Reading →

Dover Gardens project gets underway

We’re applying much of what we learned from the Orchard Walk project to the planning of our Dover Gardens properties scheduled to commence in May.  Similar to Orchard Walk the homes are passive solar designed, adaptable and designed to be… Continue Reading →

Mind the gap

There’s a psychological gap between renting and owning a home which has a significant impact on people’s sense of community belonging.  Renting in Australia is usually regarded as an inferior, temporary form of occupancy.  But with so many people now… Continue Reading →

room to move even for those with mobility challenges

LNB decided early-on that all its properties and sites would be designed with good accessibility so that people with varying levels of mobility could move with ease in their own homes and through their surroundings.  We wanted to offer people… Continue Reading →

a greenie living in the city?

Living in the city has advantages including a huge range of retail, health and business services, employment, public transport, vibrant social life…but it’s notoriously difficult to reduce your carbon footprint while living in an inner city apartment.  There’s limited green… Continue Reading →

Creating homes suited to climate

LNB Orchard Walk homes are energy efficient – designed using passive solar principles for year round comfort. We were intent on developing sustainable and affordable homes that would have low ongoing energy and other costs. Energy efficient features of the homes… Continue Reading →

A new ecovillage and a Community Land Trust

The Bruns Ecovillage, close to Mullumbimby is an ambitious plan to establish cluster housing with shared communal assets, off-grid power, a working farm, school, aquatic centre, conference/wellness/community centres and a light commercial/industrial area.  They’ve recently launched their website and vision… Continue Reading →

Community with intent or intentional community?

Charles Durret visits Adelaide in April 2016 With construction well and truly underway at Orchard Walk, Living Not Beige has turned its attention outwards again. In April this year, Charles Durret of Co-housing USA visited Australia for a series of… Continue Reading →

More LNB development projects in the pipeline

There are more LNB development projects in the pipeline – our next development will be a sustainable infill project of two family homes at Dover Gardens.  We have one other development in the pipeline and we’re putting out feelers for more. … Continue Reading →

Street names tell a story

The story behind street names. Soon we will need to name our new street.  It’s an opportunity for its story to be told.  At the moment we call it 1 Dianella because that’s its original address!  Dianella Walk is one of ten streets within… Continue Reading →

LNB is achieving a sense of place and sustainable community at Aldinga

May 2016 – Aldinga South Australia Flexible designs that each buyer has tailored to their families needs. Rooms are bigger (or smaller), laundry’s reconfigured or absorbed into hallways or bathrooms, kitchen are repositioned (and reorganised, windows are shifted. Rooms are… Continue Reading →

Changing the culture of building houses

We recently conducted a review of the LNB model and concluded that there is scope to change the culture of building houses by involving future residents earlier in the development process. Read the report, which concluded: We’re creating a great place by… Continue Reading →

Our sustainable home

Here’s the story of building our straw bale home in the Aldinga ArtsEcovillage.

Aldinga arts ecovillage streetscapes

Aldinga arts ecovillage streetscapes demonstrate how the creative use of permaculture gardens can give privacy and create an enjoyable, healthy environment. A medium density row of terrace homes along Tetragonia Walk are designed for climate – homes have floor to ceiling glass which… Continue Reading →

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