Aldinga arts ecovillage streetscapes demonstrate how the creative use of permaculture gardens can give privacy and create an enjoyable, healthy environment.

tetragonia north3

A medium density row of terrace homes along Tetragonia Walk are designed for climate – homes have floor to ceiling glass which is shaded by wide eaves in summer.  All homes front onto garden space.  There are no fences.  Privacy is maintained with trees and shrubs.

Indigenous and permaculture gardens spill onto verges.  Roads and paths are narrow so traffic tends to slow down.  Bike riders and walkers are given priority.  Children play in the streets.

Homes are designed to create a community living environment that meets the needs of people as they age.

carpark 1 (640x584)

Visitors park in vegetated bays located close to homes.


Dianella Walk Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Street signs are seen as an opportunity to introduce art into the landscape.

E  vegetation screen2 (640x511) (640x511)

Properties are distinguished via vegetation screens and permeable, artistic fencing rather than solid fences.

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Infrastructure such as in-ground rainwater tanks are creatively enhanced by groundcovers and mosaic paths.

north streetscape 2 (640x477)

Carparking in front of any of the homes is avoided – this passive solar space is for gardens, community, and outdoor living.  Fruit and nut trees are located along some roadways and in community spaces and create shaded walkways uninterrupted by parked cars or the risk of cars pulling into cross-over driveways.