LNB decided early-on that all its properties and sites would be designed with good accessibility so that people with varying levels of mobility could move with ease in their own homes and through their surroundings.  We wanted to offer people a place that would continue to be convenient to live in as they aged.  We studied the guidelines provided by Liveable Homes Australia.

  • Families with young children and people with mobility aides benefit by making it easier to maneuver prams, strollers, wheelchairs and walking frames
  • trip hazards are minimised
  • Moving furniture into and around is easy with wider doors and corridors.

Given the State’s future demographic profile, it makes sense that our living spaces are easy to navigate.  Wide doorways and walkways, minimal steps, switches located at easy to reach heights, open plan living areas – plenty of room in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms do not add much to the construction cost.  It is more of a consciousness than an imposition to make sure future accessibility is not compromised.  At Orchard Walk, we even installed an extra wide stairway so that a motorised seat could be added if required.  In the meantime, the wider doorways, corridors and stairs make the homes look and feel spacious and generous.